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Bike Locks

Your Pick of Reliable Bike Locks
in West Auckland

Keeping your bike safe and secure is paramount. That's why we keep the best ones on hand for you to pick from. Whether you're looking for a shackle lock, chain lock, cable lock, combination lock, key lock, or a u-lock, we have you covered. Clycycles stores a great selection of lock types and brands, including Mammoth, Magnum, Ulac, Oxford, Kryptonite, and BBB.

Types of Bike Locks Available:

  • Shackle Locks: Our selection includes thick 12-14mm shackle locks made from hardened steel, ensuring maximum protection against theft. Look for features like sold secure ratings and diamond safety levels for added peace of mind.

  • Chain Locks: Durable and cut-resistant chain locks provide flexibility to secure your bike to various objects.

  • Cable Locks: Ideal for securing accessories and quick stops, cable locks offer lightweight convenience without compromising on security.

  • Combination Locks and Key Locks: Choose from a variety of combination and key-operated locks designed with anti-pick mechanisms for enhanced security.

  • U-Locks: Also known as a D-lock, a U-Lock is a robust, U-shaped bicycle lock typically made of hardened steel, designed to secure a bike by fastening around the frame and an immovable object such as a bike rack or pole, offering strong theft deterrence and peace of mind.

  • Hip Locks: Bicycle hip locks are compact, wearable locks designed to secure a bike by fastening around the cyclist's waist or hips, providing portable and convenient security while riding or making quick stops.

Features You Can Trust:

Our bike locks come equipped with features such as alarm locks for added deterrent, hardened steel construction for durability, and anti-pick mechanisms to thwart unauthorised access. Whether you're commuting daily or exploring off-road trails, our range caters to every cyclist's security needs.

Why Choose Clycycles?

Clycycles is your local West Auckland 'everything bike' store. Along with our impressive range, we offer great service and professional insight. Located conveniently in Henderson, West Auckland, we provide knowledgeable and friendly advice and a wide selection of bike locks to suit every budget and requirement. Explore our range and buy local today, ensuring your bike stays safe wherever your adventures take you.

Looking for more products or info?

We don't have our full selection of products and accessories on our website. If you're looking for something in particular, give us a call, or visit the Clycycles store in Henderson, West Auckland. 

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