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Note: Most Bikes can only be shipped to a bike shop for assembly. Some models can be shipped anywhere boxed (unassembled). Contact Us for more info

Step-Through Bikes

What is a Step-Through Bike?

A Step-Through or Step-Thru bike is a bicycle with a frame specifically built so you can, as the name suggests, step through it. Once upon a time these were referred to as ladies' bikes or ladies' frames, allowing for lengthy garments like skirts or dresses, while men were expected to swing a leg over the top. However, in this day and age, step-thru bikes have become popular with all demographics, including elderly riders with limited flexibility, and is very popular as a delivery bike for Uber Eats riders and other services. 

The step-through frame's low/non-existent top tube allows for a more upright dismount from the bike, which can be supremely useful when carrying goods, getting on and off in spaces with limited leg-swing ability, or even if your pants are a little on the tight side. 

Sometimes these are referred to as low-tube or low-step bikes, while some of the tubes are a little higher and referred to as mid-step bikes. 

The Best Step-Thru E-Bikes in Auckland 

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Picking a bike can require some intricate knowledge of componentry and options. We're more than happy to help guide you so you can buy a step-through bike you won't regret. Get in touch with us today. 

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