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NCM, ET.Cycle & Evinci e-bikes


1)   2 x keys – keep at least 1 copy safe or make more copies at your local locksmith easily.

2)  Battery is water resistant, not pressure wash proof. Keep as dry as possible.

  • Do not store in rain.

  • Points of possible water ingress if not careful - USB port, charging port, power button.

3)  Charger turns green to red when charging, and back to green light when fully charged.

  • Approximately 4-6hrs general full charging cycle. >500 full life cycles on battery.

4)  Other electric parts are well water-proofed, do not submerge however.

5)  When reconnecting cables, arrows on electric connections need to line up – do not damage internal pins.

6)  Be careful of the push spring throttle, activates max power, especially in small spaces, will accelerate with a lot of power when activated.

General maintenance:

1)   Factory chain oil is good for first 500kms, unless you ride through a lot of rain, use light oil every 200kms or so, wipe down with clean rag after.

2)   Keep tyres pumped to recommended PSI, specific to your make / model of bike. See Sidewall of tyre for PSI.

  • This needs to be done every 2-3 weeks (Purchase a pump if you do not have one)

3)   Brakes - If you have mechanical brakes adjust them periodically when the brake lever gets close to the bars, if hydraulic brakes, quick re-alignment of calliper may be necessary – If they get squeaky, use brake cleaner generously on the brake calliper, disc and pads.

4)   Every 200kms – quick check of spoke tensions (especially rear wheel), squeeze and make sure no spokes have severely lost tension.

5)   We highly recommend getting a basic toolkit together – we can help with this.

Other tips:

  1. Use the correct Bike rack when transporting your E-bike (note weight limits are very tight with e-racks)

  2. Take batteries off when transporting your bike – no ‘pressure washing’ from rain (driving at 100km/h) and it also makes the bike lighter and easier to handle on the rack.

  3. Use your head, helmet, mirrors and bell/horn. Lock your bike, wear high-vis and you will have many more enjoyable years left to ride.


  1. ‘Clycycles Bicycle Services’ for all future servicing needs, email / call us to book a few days in advance is best. Plan to leave the bike with us for up to 1–3 working days. Don’t forget to bring both battery and key when you come back for servicing.

Service Intervals *

~ With any bike purchased at Clycycles ~

  • Assembly & Initial Calibration

  • 1st Service due at 200km (or 1 month)

  • 2nd Service due at 500km (or 3 month)

  • 3rd Service due at 1,000km (or 6 month)

  • 4th Service due at 2,500km (or 1 year)

  • 5th Service due at 5,000km (or 2 year)

  • All further major services due every 2,500km








*We allow a tolerance of +/– 100km for service intervals. If the interval is missed, we can still help with repairs and servicing, although this may be charged for.

*Whichever comes earlier, kms ridden or time period since purchase date.

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