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Note: Most Bikes can only be shipped to a bike shop for assembly. Some models can be shipped anywhere boxed (unassembled). Contact Us for more info

Folding Bikes

To take and store anywhere

The Perks of Folding E-Bikes

Foldable e-bikes are one of the biggest trends for electric bikes in New Zealand. Not only is this a nifty feature that makes for a cool gift, but folding bikes are extremely practical. 

Typically folding bikes (in our case folding e-bikes) are built with a low step-through frame and are highly adjustable in the seat and stem (handle bars). While not necessarily our lightest bikes yet still built to be carried, their constructions are typically compact and come with smaller wheels so they can fold up to a small package, able to be stored in a wardrobe or car boot. 

What foldable e-bikes do you have in NZ?

Ask us more about our range of folding e-bikes

If you're looking for a specific use or design, or would like to hear more about which foldable e-bike is right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. Send an enquiry through our contact page about which bikes or products you might be interested in. 

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