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Note: Most Bikes can only be shipped to a bike shop for assembly. Some models can be shipped anywhere boxed (unassembled). Contact Us for more info

Children's Bikes

The Best Children’s Bikes in NZ Are Here!

If your child is old enough to walk, they’re old enough to ride. From 18 months to 18 years, we have a range of bikes that can keep your kids riding from kindergarten to university.

A complete range of NZ Kids’ Bikes

Clycycles is now stocking quality children’s bikes in a range of sizes and colours. From riders as young as 18 months through to the bigger hairier ‘kids’ of 18 years and beyond, we have bikes for all shapes and sizes.

In terms of colour, we have pink bikes, green bikes, blue bikes, and most of the kiddie favourites. Additional accessories can also be purchased if you would like to take the excitement to the next level, as we stock bells, horns, hi-vis, and a variety of other items that can keep your child entertained, and more importantly, keep them safe.

Is size important?

For smaller riders, we have learner bikes that come with training wheels, and a range of styles and colours for both boys and girls. Some of our bikes, such as the Pre-wheelz, are hugely adjustable, and can grow with your child so they can use it for a long time.

When buying a bike for your child, it can be helpful to know their height and weight so we can help you pick the bike that will fit them.

Haro Shredder red kids' bike with white background

Need more info?

Picking a bike can be tricky. Give us a call or come see us in person so we can help you pick something suitable.

Visit our Contact Page to send us an email or find our opening hours.

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