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E-Bikes For Heavy Riders

ET.Cycle F1000 e-bike side view with black background

The Best Electric Bikes for Heavy Riders

When it comes to taller or heavier riders, you get some of the best bikes on the market. Large wheels, powerful electrics, iron-strength frames... What's not to love?

At Clycycles, we stock a small variety of quality e-bikes that can carry you and your things long distances, up steep hills, and over tricky terrain. And we're going to keep it simple for you. 

Introducing the T-Series from ET.Cycle

The T-Series is notoriously powerful, built with a large, solid frame to accommodate for bigger riders. As an e-bike for both taller and heavier riders, the T720 and T1000 is also a great-looking bike that comes in sleek black (white sometimes available) with faux-leather handles and seat.


The T1000 especially has the longest range of all our e-bikes, riding up to a whopping 200km on a single charge (terrain & rider dependent). With an extra-large gel seat and fat tyres, the T-series cruises comfortably on hard surfaces as well as less accommodating terrain such as hard-packed sand.


Being one of our bigger and more powerful e-bikes, typically we recommend the T-series as an electric bike for adult men, although it’s not completely uncommon for women to also pick this if they’re seeking extra power and stability. Simply put, we recommend it as our best electric bike for heavy riders, designed as an e-bike for tall and large riders seeking power and comfort.

Like its bigger brother, the F-Series is also a great option for heavier riders. Built with the same durability and strong frame, the F-Series is the foldable version of the T-Series, with smaller wheels and a step-through frame for ease of use and transport. 

An E-Bike for Hunting?

Given its powerful motor and sturdy racks on both the front and rear of the bike, the T-series is even considered suitable for certain kinds of hunting. While not completely without limitations, this electric bike will power you long distances while carrying significant weight. Its fat tyres will permit travel across softer grounds, and with a simple switch to offroad tyres this e-bike will manage to traverse a wide variety of terrains and weather conditions.


The T-series is our best option as an e-bike for hunting purposes. It can take you up to 200km on a single charge in the right conditions, and its beefy 32mm stanchions and chunky racks (both front and rear) are capable of carrying bags, gear and game across bumpy terrain and up hills.


If you’re seeking an electric bike for hunting, we advise considering the limitations of two wheels in muddy or slippery terrain, and the weight of your game in unpredictable conditions. We recommend speaking with a member of our team to make sure that the T-series is suitable for your requirements. 

Fat Tyre E-Bikes are Superior!

Do you like fat tyres too? We LOVE them. Not only are fat-tyre electric bikes the coolest looking of all the riding options (in our opinion), but these wide-wheeled friends are also immensely practical in handling terrain that other bikes simply can’t.

Sand, snow, dirt, gravel, grass and mud just aren’t kinds of terrain that two-wheeled vehicles are best suited for, but fat tyre e-bikes (especially ones with grippy tyres) use their larger surface area to tread where other bikes dare not – or cannot.

The T-series is one of our fat-tyre e-bikes. While the stock build uses city tyres, these will still handle most types of terrain that will cause skinnier tyres to sink in. If you’re planning on tackling mud and snow, consider a mountain-bike style build like an [Aspen] – or ask us about further options for the T-series. We may be able to help you find offroad tyres for your T720 / T1000 so you can make full use of the T-series’ immense power, and brave the muddier, less predictable conditions outside of the city.

What other bikes for big & tall riders do you have?

For our taller riders, we have bikes like the Evinci Kea, which is a mountain/trail bike with large wheels and powerful electrics. The suspension and offroad tyres make it great for adventures through nature, and its step-through frame and other classic Evinci components make it comfortable and  dynamic in its use. 


The F-Series, much like the T-Series, is a solid bike from ET.Cycles. This smaller-wheeled sibling of the T-Series is named for its folding frame, but still retains the classic power and durability of the T-Series. It's a popular pick with people who want something slightly smaller that stores and transports more easily. 

Get in touch with the team so we can help you pick a bike that is suitable for your size, weight, and needs.

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