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Bikes For Older Riders

Elderly couple riding on bicycle together

The Best Electric Bikes for Seniors and Elderly Riders

If you’re not getting any younger but still want to feel the breeze through your greys, it’s important to find an electric bike that’s going to offer stability, reliability, and comfort. Something that’s easy to get on and off, and something you can operate without too much difficulty or exertion.

Electric bikes in NZ come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we’d like to help make the decision simple for you, getting you something you’re going to be happy to use without any unnecessary complication.

Lightweight & Foldable E-Bikes for Seniors

The best e-bikes or e-cycles for seniors are usually lightweight, simple to change gears, and easy to mount and dismount. For this reason, we often recommend one of our foldable bikes, such as the Evinci Robin or the Foo F1. The [Evinci] brand is reputably lightweight in its construction, has strong wheels, low seat height, and comes with lights and suspension that make it a comfortable, practical, and reliable ride.

Foldable bikes are compact, meaning you can keep or transport them inside your car, and don’t require large amounts of space in your house or garage to store. They are typically lightweight with a step-through frame, which allows for easy mounting without requiring great flexibility or momentous leg-swinging in order to get on.

Try these e-cycles:

Want to carry your groceries or grandchildren?

The Evinci Tui is also a great all-rounder bike, with a low step-through frame and lightweight construction. With its wide seat and curved-back handlebars, it’s a pleasure to ride, and another great bike to fit a basket or child seat to. With a rear rack and front headlight, the Tui comes with all basic necessities, and comes with a lengthy warranty to give you that extra security in picking this e-bike.

The ET.Cycle F-Series is another good pick as an electric bike for seniors. It’s not as light, but it’s sturdy, comfortable, and has a long-lasting battery. With front and rear racks, it’s able to be equipped with baskets and bags so you can carry things up steep hills and over super long distances. The F-series, coming in the F720 and F1000 models, also has a semi step-through frame for easier mounting, as well as a wide, comfortable seat. Best suited for riders over 170cm height.

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