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Bicycle Chains

The Perfect Chain Reaction
in Henderson, West Auckland

Quality Bicycle Drivetrain Componentry - Bicycle Chains, Gears, and More

Whether you're looking for a replacement or it's time for an upgrade, check out our comprehensive selection of bicycle chains, gears, and drivetrains designed to enhance your cycling experience. Whether you ride single speed or prefer the versatility of 6-speed, 7-speed, 8-speed, 9-speed, 10-speed, 11-speed, or even 12-speed systems, we have quality components to suit your needs. Our range includes high-quality chains, precision-engineered gears, and durable drivetrain parts that ensure smooth shifting and efficient power transfer, whether you're cruising around Auckland City or tackling challenging trails.

Discover Top Brands in Bike Chains

Explore our diverse collection of bike chains featuring leading brands such as YBN, FSA, Shimano, Sram, BBB, and KMC. Whether you're looking to upgrade your bicycle chains, gears, or drivetrain components, we offer a comprehensive selection designed to enhance your cycling performance. From single-speed enthusiasts to those who prefer multi-speed systems ranging from 6 to 12 speeds, find the perfect chain to suit your riding style and terrain preferences. Our range ensures durability, smooth shifting, and optimal power transfer, delivering a superior riding experience wherever your adventures take you.

Enhance Your Cycling Performance

The Clycycles team understands the importance of a well-maintained bike chain in maximising your performance. Our curated selection of bicycle chains and drivetrain components caters to cyclists of all levels, from casual riders to avid enthusiasts. Whether you're tackling urban streets or rugged trails, our high-quality chains and gears come from reputable brands, so you can be assured they've been engineered for durability and precision. Upgrade your bike's drivetrain system today and experience smoother shifting and improved efficiency on every ride.

Expert Care for Your Bike Chain

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of the chain of a bike. Whether you're oiling, lubing, or cleaning your bike chain, Clycycles provides not only the essential products but also expert advice to ensure your bike performs at its best. It's best to give your ride some TLC every now and then to keep you riding smoothly and safely. Book your bike in for a service to keep your bike chain in optimal condition, or browse our full selection of parts & components online or at our West Auckland store. 

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