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E-Bikes For Women

Woman riding NCM Prague e-bike downhill through forest

The Best Electric Bikes for Women & Ladies in NZ

Strictly speaking, there’s no reason why a woman can’t pick any bike she wants, although we do have a selection of electric bikes for adults that are popular with our female riders. Sometimes this is just down to personal choice, although there are some factors and functionalities you may want to consider before picking an e-bike that suits your riding needs.

What features make the best e-bikes for ladies?

Popular characteristics of e-bikes for women include a lightweight construction, making it easy to transport; a step-through frame, which allows for casual riding attire such as dresses and skirts; and handle bars that sit higher from the seat, allowing for a more comfortable upright riding position.

A wider, more comfortable seat is also a popular pick for ladies’ e-bikes, and we often suggest options that have chain guards to help prevent entanglement of loose clothing, which can be potentially dangerous and/or lead to oil and dirt staining.

For city riding and trekking bikes, front lights and carry-racks are handy accessories, although the most important considerations are what terrain you are using it for and which frame and wheel size is best suited to your height and weight. Regardless, the best ladies e-bikes for sale in NZ are typically those that accommodate for restrictive clothing and are able to handle a bit of dirty, bumpy terrain when necessary. For this reason, you might want to check out our range of trekking and step-through e-bikes, which allow for easy mounting and dismounting.

Wide seats and bright colour options are popular picks for womens e-bikes, as well as those that already come equipped with riding accessories that mean you can simply jump on and go without any further complication or expense.

Best Ladies E-Bikes for Sale in Auckland

When looking for the best womens e-bikes for sale, we could point you towards our selection of [Evinci bikes]. Evinci is a New Zealand designed brand that is consistently lightweight, reliable, comfortable, and almost always comes in a wide variety of stunning colour options. With racks, mudguards and lights included, Evinci bikes are both attractive and practical, and always look great equipped with a basket or bag.

The NCM Milano is one of our most popular options, combining practical riding with an elegant European style. Capable of distances up to 150km, it offers a simplified gear system, seat suspension, and is a great pick for light trails and weekend riding with its easily adjustable handlebars.

For a well-priced city bike, you should also check out the [NCM Munich]. The Munich has a simplified gear system, built for riding on paths, streets and campuses – a less expensive option for beginner or casual riders.

Popular options - check them out!

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