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Our Bike Brands

Don't know where to start?
Check out our stocked bike makes below.

Each brand has its own unique features, styles and approach to manufacturing bikes. 



NCM speaks of variety and adventure. No matter your terrain or riding style, these German-designed e-bikes are great value for their price point, constructed with aircraft-grade alloy frames and quality componentry to handle both offroad and city riding. NCM bikes boast long-range batteries (up to 150km) and are easily customisable, with ‘Plus’ models featuring upgraded parts to deliver peak performance.


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ET does power. With the fattest tyres and the longest range of all our e-bikes (150–200km on a single charge), ET.Cycle bikes boast high torque and maximum comfort for taller and heavier riders. Equipped with heavy-duty racks both front and rear, these sturdy German-designed e-bikes will carry you long distances on large, plush seats. These e-bikes are built to cruise hard-packed surfaces yet will handle softer ground, even sand.



These NZ-designed e-bikes are consistently lightweight, high-performing, with comfortable seats and a long wheel base that make them great for touring and long-distance riding. Coming in a wide range of attractive gloss colours and a selection of 36V battery sizes (13–24A), all Evinci e-bikes have impressive components and come with 6 years’ warranty on the frame and forks, with a full 2 years on the electrics. 


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