Service Options

Cycle Service Options

A bicycle purchased from Clycycles; comes with a free bike fit and maintenance plan and general bike advice. If purchased new, a free service to be used within 1 month. If purchased used, a free service to be used within 3 months.

Service options / Prices: (All inc. GST)

Services listed below are starting from prices. Additional parts needing replacement are charged on top. Additional labour charges for major/tricky parts needing replacement may be added on with advance notice/approval from the rider.

Health Check$10.00+

  • Charged for assessments over 5 minutes
  • Quick diagnostics only
  • Assess components for wear
  • Estimate for repairs

Basic Service$80.00+

  • True wheels + inflate tyres
  • Check headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings
  • Oil pivots, chain, cables, rusty nuts & bolts
  • Adjust F & R brakes and gears + re-torque nuts & bolts
  • No cleaning

Full Service$110.00+

  • Clean with silicon spray
  • True wheels + inflate tyres + clean rims
  • Quick adjustment for headset, bottom bracket and wheel bearings
  • Includes drive-train clean / lubrication - chain, sprockets, chain-rings, jockey wheels (without disassembly)
  • Clean hubs, shifters, levers, callipers and derailleurs
  • Oil all pivots, chain, cables, rusty nuts & bolts
  • Adjust F & R brakes and gears + re-torque all nuts & bolts

Deluxe Service$135.00+

  • 'As per Full Service but for standard high value bikes (bike value $1,500 - 2000+)'
  • More time spent on attention to detail and cleaning components during the service
  • Full suspension, trikes and other non-standard setups
  • High performance solvents & greases used

E-bike Service$150 - 180.00+

  • E-Bike specific service, as per deluxe service
  • Check & clean on electric components
  • Please bring a key for your battery when bringing in your E-bike

Individual labour components: (All inc. GST)

Listed prices below show the base price. Additional costs for extra labour (e.g. seized, rusty or damaged components). Prices may vary depending on condition and quality of the bike and components. Prices below are for individual jobs. Options are cheaper in conjunction with a service.

  • Wheel true $20.00
  • Puncture repair $15.00 (plus cost of tube - from $8.00)
  • Tyre replacement $15.00 (plus cost of tyre - from $24.00)
  • E-bike punctures and tyre replacements $30-40
  • Spoke replacement $30.00 (standard wheel, true plus spoke cost from $2.00)
  • BB replacement $30.00 (plus cost of BB - from $29.00)
  • Headset replacement $30.00 (plus cost of headset - from $35.00)
  • Brake pad replacement and adjust $18.00 single / $24.00 double (plus cost of brake pads - from $14.00 a pair)
  • Hydraulic brake bleed $40.00-$60.00 (model dependent)
  • Cable replacement + adjust gear / brake $18.00 each (plus cost of cable - from $8.00)
  • Gear adjustment $18.00 single / $30.00 double
  • Extra Cleaning $10 dirty bikes - $30 mud-covered/grimy bikes

Other Services: (All inc GST)

  • Custom work available, pop in for a quick chat!
  • Bike boxing $60.00 (for travel - inquire for box availability, we have medium / large E-bikes sized boxes)
  • Pick up & drop off service available- $10.00 with $1.5 per km driven with bike in vehicle
  • Workload permitting - (Sorry, no pickup / drop off service during summer rush, contact us to check, if time permits, we may be able to)

PLEASE NOTE: If not arranged prior, bikes not picked up within 3 business days of the agreed pickup date once repairs are completed will incur a $10 per day storage fee - We have limited storage space and it gets tricky when customers bikes get into the double digits waiting to be picked up.

Payment Options:

  • EFTPOS available in store, GST receipts can be provided upon request
  • Credit Card*
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash
  • Afterpay (In-Store only on purchases $70 and over)*
  • Q-card*
*Surcharges may apply

Pick-ups / Drop-offs

It is highly recommended that you drop the bike off and also pick-up when completed as adjustments can easily be made if necessary at the workshop. Having tools readily available during drop-off helps with quoting more accurately for a bike repair. Pick-up and drop-off timing at Clycycles' availability. Pick-up & drop-off service is available for those that have no way to transport a bike to the workshop. Please contact us for more info!

(Note: Pickups/drop-offs not available over the summer period, September - April due to high volume repairs. May to August only)


(All distances are calculated from 3/18 Moselle Ave, Henderson, Auckland 0610)

  • $20.00 pick-up and drop-off with the bike in the vehicle, this fixed flat rate fee applies anywhere within a 5 km distance.
  • $2 per every additional km over 5kms away driven with the bike in the vehicle)
  • $5.00 for each extra bike transported regardless of distance travelled.

We can sell various racks for you to transport your bikes securely - tow ball mounted, hatch mounted as well as roof racks and associated accessories for transporting your bike safely. Enquire now for availability.

Stock dependent on availability

Contact us to confirm make, model, size and colour of your preference

Free Assembly and Calibration

Includes free first 200km service

Boxed bikes shipped for FREE

Assembled bikes Auckland only: Deliveries from $50