Bike Rentals

E-bikes for hire at Clycycles

From everyday commuter bikes to your classic roadies, Clycycles provides the cheapest bicycle rentals in Auckland. With prices starting at just $30, we have reliable rental bikes that will get you from A to B and beyond.

Don’t be fooled by our cheap prices though - our bikes are nothing to be sniffed at! All of our bikes are built and maintained with a level of care and precision that meets and exceeds expectations. Unlike big bike shops, we have highly trained personnel that have the time and energy to focus on each individual bike. You won’t need to worry about any rushed jobs or careless mechanical work at Clycycles.

  • Please bring along either a Driver Licence or Passport - Required especially for higher value rentals.
  • Give us a 24 hour notice for all rentals
  • All rental bikes are given a full mechanical check prior to leaving the workshop.
  • Bike racks for cars can be available for a $10.00 daily hire if arranged prior.
  • Daily Rentals available for hire between 10am - 6pm. Note $5.00 fee applies for every additional hour for daily rentals.
  • Bike, lock and a helmet in your size included


Rental Period Bicycles  E-Bikes*
Overnight $40 (24 hours) $90 (24 hours)
Day rental $30 (8 hours) $80 (8 hours)
2–3 days $25 / day $75 / day
4–6 days $25 / day $70 / day
7–13 days $20 / day $55 / day
14–30 days $15 / day $35 / day
1–2 months $10 / day $30 / day

*10% surcharge for 'Plus' e-bike models

Group bike hire prices also available. Please inquire here!

Any rentals required for a longer term, it is recommended you purchase a used bike and return for a guaranteed buyback of 50% upon return, up to a maximum of 6 months from the day of purchase

Example: You purchase a standard used bike for $400. If the trip planned is for much longer than a month, return anytime within 6 months, no matter the condition, we guarantee to give back $200 as our 50% guaranteed buyback. Buyer also has the option of selling elsewhere if they can obtain a better price.

E-bike Rent-to-buy offer

If you enjoyed the bike hire and wish to keep riding after the rental period, you could consider buying the bike. To give you a sweet discount, we can credit the bike rental cost towards the total cost of the purchase. Basically, this means that you are not paying for both the bike hire and the purchase, instead you're getting a free trial period before buying the bike.

Rental bicycles in Auckland that won’t break down

From the moment you leave the shop, you can trust that our bikes are safe, secure, and maintained properly. Every rental bike is tested before use, with bearing checks, complete gear and brake adjustments along with fully pumped tyres and oiled chains so there is very little chance that you’ll have any kind of break-down.

If this is your first bike hire in West Auckland, we’re more than happy to give you some great tips and locations for touring or visiting. The local shops here in Henderson are just a quick pedal down the road, or if you’re looking for something more adventurous, we can recommend some fantastic trails further out in greater West Auckland.

Bicycle rentals you can afford

Most bike rental shops around Auckland will charge you about as much as it costs to buy a bike, with no real advantages for the average commuter - just a greater liability if the bike gets damaged.

At Clycycles, we know that the true adventurer lives on a budget. Our cheap rental bikes for hire are built to be sturdy and reliable - perfect for anyone travelling through the Auckland region. We hire our bikes out on an hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, to fit your own schedules.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about our bikes, rentals, our services or our people. We’re happy to help our fellow bikers in any way we can.

Stock dependent on availability

Contact us to confirm make, model, size and colour of your preference

Free Assembly and Calibration

Includes free first 200km service

Boxed bikes shipped for FREE

Assembled bikes Auckland only: Deliveries from $50