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Electric transport has taken the spotlight all around the world, reducing our collective carbon footprint as well as finding an easy, fun, traffic-friendly solution to beating traffic and rising petrol prices. But the battery-powered world has many layers, and there’s so much to navigate in the way of e-cycles and other electric commuters.

Although Clycycles started out as a simple garage-based mechanic, we’ve grown to not just meet the demand of people looking to buy ebikes, but to specialise in a fast-growing modern industry that is leaving no one behind. With some of the best-priced e-bikes for sale in NZ, we’d like to think we’re much more than just another e-bike shop in Auckland. But before you even buy an electric bike, let’s consider what you’re looking for:

Are you wanting something for trails? Easy electric transport for city riding or commuting? Something that can handle some rough & tumble or even some sandy terrain?

Depending on your intended use and rider profile, there may be several bikes that would be suitable for your wants and needs, as well as your age and body type. While the ebikes listed here and on our clycycles.shop website will demonstrate our selection, the search can be narrowed down far more easily by speaking with someone who knows the bikes and what they’re best suited for. For this reason, we recommend your first step, after having a browse on the site, is to call or message us from our Contact page. By asking a few simple questions, Clyde and the team will help you to get a better idea of what kind of bike is suited to you and what options are currently available. This can save you a lot of time, money and frustration down the track, and help to guide you to a bike you’ll really love. If you’re in the Auckland area, we highly recommend coming into the shop to speak with us face to face, to give the bike(s) a test ride and to pick up an assembled bike that is already built and tuned and ready to ride.

But the process doesn’t just stop with the purchase. If you buy an ebike with us, we can help to fine-tune your rider experience and offer post-purchase deals. Clycycles regularly offers specials with servicing packages, after-sales support, parts and accessories, and more.

An Ebike Store for all of New Zealand

With our ebike store based in Auckland, we can ship select models anywhere in NZ. For easy assembly (especially the ET.Cycle models), our ebikes can be shipped to any North or South Island address in a neat box. For ebike sales NZ wide, purchase online or give us a call: we can ship ebikes to Christchurch, Rotorua, Wellington, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Whangarei, Hamilton, Dunedin, or anywhere else in New Zealand. It’s recommended to give us a call to check what models are currently available, as well as what riding accessories are available. Our ebikes are well-suited for flat areas like Christchurch where good range is a must, while our ebikes are also perfect for hilly locations like Wellington and Auckland, where steep hills and traffic jams can be laughed at.

Should I buy a cheap ebike?

The brands we sell at Clycycles are not usually thought of as ‘cheap ebikes’, although they could be considered medium to low price compared with some higher-end brands, which can sometimes be as much as $15,000 per bike at the high end. If you’re looking for cheap ebikes for sale, our team can provide useful info and advice around what suits your needs as a rider. Cheap e-bikes priced lower than our stocked brands are typically considered unwise, as the mechanical and electronic components can be cheap, unreliable, and break easily. It’s usually a better investment to purchase an ebike that will last, and that has quality componentry from a reputable brand. For further advice on cheap ebikes and the differences between $1000 and $2000 bikes, call us today or send us a message.

Our selection of electric bikes

We stock a variety of folding ebikes, trekking ebikes and step-through/step-thru ebikes, best suited for city riding. If you’re looking for folding bikes especially, check out the ET.Cycle F-series and the Evinci Robin Plus.

Currently, our primary brands include NCM, Evinci, and ET.Cycle, although other brands do come through the store from time to time. Our Evinci bikes were designed right here in New Zealand, with ET.Cycle and NCM being German-designed.

If you’re seeking an electric mtb for light trails and offroad riding, the Moscow Plus is one we commonly recommend as a reliable electric mtb – a best seller of ours. Due to its long-lasting battery and durable build, it has little problem with most trails and terrain types. However, serious riders seeking a racing bike or something suited for large jumps may need to consider a larger budget for a serious electric mountain bike. Our ebikes for sale here are better suited to everyday city riding, although most can certainly handle some dirt and bumps.

Our Milano Plus model is also a top-selling trekking bike. With its step-through frame and stylish European look, this city rider can take you over 150km on a single battery charge.

If you’re looking for a powerful bike, check out our ET.Cycle T-series. These fat bikes have powerful motors and can traverse almost any terrain with their tough fat tyres.

Give our ebike sales team a call or email to inquire about which machine is best suited for your needs and riding style.

Get in touch today

Clyde and the team have a huge amount of collective experience that can help to guide you through the selection, purchase and maintenance of your electric bike, with honest advice that will save you time and money. Our Auckland ebike store also has rentals available and specialises in repairs and maintenance – possibly the cheapest bike repairs in Auckland – offering after-sales support for any ebike purchase. Give us a call or visit us in store to ask about our deals, available stock, parts & accessories, and general bike advice that will keep you pedalling both on and off the road. Our Rent-to-Buy offer is also a great way to get acquainted with e-bike riding without a large or risky purchase. Call us today.

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